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Welcome to our Virtual Views Q and A on today’s most relevant Digital Advertising campaigns. Every month we will be taking questions in which our Newsletter readers, valued prospective clients, and our community are posing and invite comments to our answers.

REP Management

Lets Ask why search engines use a 5 point scale to serve ratings? By default Google assumes that your site has validated user reviews. The products or services should be eligible for an aggregate rating 1 being lowest and of course 5 being the highest. Also remember to make sure…

Make your Clicks Profitable!

Why did Google make the decision to turn all search to Mobile, thereby discontinuing the Desktop sidebar Pay per click advertising opportunities? Many of the clients, are contemplating this for lack of better terms, “ To make more money and drive click costs up for Page 1.” Moreover to charge…

Dominate Results with your Digital Display Ads

How do the most clicked ads garner top results on the various social platforms and the search engines such as google, bing and the most used email programs home pages? Its as easy as 123. Generate display ads based on your existing text ads, and offers that are simple for…