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Welcome to our Virtual Views Q and A on today’s most relevant Digital Advertising campaigns. Every month we will be taking questions in which our Newsletter readers, valued prospective clients, and our community are posing and invite comments to our answers.

Earn Black Friday Results Online Today!

Every day is Black Friday or Cyber Monday with paid search advertising sales via Google Ads and Amazon Advertising. The challenge is to get your product into your consumer’s hands at the lowest cost per acquisition. In September 2018, Amazon announced an entrepreneur’s opportunity to buy into their shipping and…

Brand Development that Brings Buyers

Welcome to the digital brand evolution. The days of feel good, high priced traditional brand building marketing are forever gone. Today, advertisers are taking their messages to the masses by remarketing display banners on their site visitor’s mobile device and offering useful tips on social media to create awareness of…

Spring Your Business Socially

Did you know that 5.2 billion Facebook users and 2.2 billion Twitter users regularly engage on these platforms to communicate? We share our joys and sorrows, our positive and negative thoughts through messages, pictures, and video. Social Media is the most prevalent way to get an advertiser’s brand lifted, to…

SMART Mobile Media and Reporting

With today’s fast paced environment, many of us are receiving our daily news flash by asking Alexa, or simply swiping our phone. Possibly you are reading the tweets from the White house on twitter, or picking up the news feed on Facebook. Today you may be reading your news on NY TIMES, or…

CLICK, SELL and Grow!

Online sales have grown– between 7 and 10 percent per month, from November 2016. No doubt this trend does appear to be eating into brick-and-mortar sales. The Census Bureau's monthly retail sales report shows transactions at non-store retailers were up 11.9 percent over the year, while department store sales were down 6.4 percent. Sales at sporting…

Put your Business on the MAP!

Let’s start by asking the simple question: “Where are you?” How do I find you? Thanks to the artificial intelligence, Rank Brain, marketers are able to achieve a high placement in the local business results listings on Google Maps. You can achieve presence on relevant search engine results pages. Here’s how it works; the first type…

Successful SEO strategies

Ever wonder why more impressions of certain sites and links to your most searched terms come up "Organically” more than others, when you are searching for a particular item or service online? Let’s start with a few tips that 225 million retailers are adapting to in 2016. A factor that Google…